Summer 2017
Summer is coming and young workers are looking for work. Did you know it's the employer's responsibility to train and orient young workers before they start? Here are five great resources to help get young workers started on the right foot:
  1. Support for Employers: Training and Orientation for Young and New Workers
    This guide features advice and tips for reaching out to young workers, as well as a sample worker orientation checklist.
  2. Getting a Job
    This pamphlet provides young and new workers with some useful tips for addressing safety concerns on the job.
  3. Young worker exposure prevention guides
    This series of guides describes how to reduce young workers' exposure to unseen hazards, such as chemical fumes and vapours, noise, and airborne particles.
  4. 6-minute safety talks
    Designed for students in apprenticeship programs, these talks work great for "toolbox" safety meetings.
  5. What's wrong with this photo?
    Challenge your young and new workers' safety skills by showing them these photos and having them identify the hazards.
Speaking of Safety blog: What stops young workers from using hearing protection?

Compared with other workers in construction, young workers are less likely to wear hearing protection at work. WorkSafeBC audiologists explore some of the reasons why.
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